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Arkenthand is a large island that is one day’s sail from the eastern coast of Laria. It is home to a unique population of blonde-haired, pale-skinned people that call themselves Arkenians. Their origins are unknown and have been the subject of many unsuccessful studies by scholars. The lush southern half of the island is inhabited by a mixed population of Arkenians and outsiders, while the drier northern wilderness is dominated by pureblood Arkenian tribes that have lived for hundreds of years with minimal outside influence. These northerners are fiercely proud of their heritage and work to maintain the traditions and oral history of their people. They harbor a deep mistrust of outsiders that borders on hostility.

The only settlement large enough to be called a city is Serraglia, the main port of the island. Edlo is a thriving rustic town on the eaves of the Forest Belt, a old forest which separates the southern valleys from the arid northern grasslands. Ozlin is the northernmost town in Arkenthand, built on the lower tip of a range of mountains called the Arkenspines. Beyond Ozlin there are no more roads or permanent settlements, but only footpaths and tribal villages.

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