The Tribal Villages

Jenji, Aggraka, Khalik, and Thuul

These four are the largest Arkenian villages, but there are several smaller ones that are not marked on any map. They are inhabited entirely by native Arkenians with pale skin, light hair, gray eyes, and a strong mistrust of foreigners. These people live simply, mostly in yurts or other similar dwellings. Although they hunt and forage to survive, they are still quite intelligent and know the ways of the world well. They still use armor, bows, swords and other technology, and know how to handle a horse. They have seen the gray stone walls and keeps of Serraglia and Edlo, and they have been around foreigners. Above all, they have pride in their heritage and maintain the rich oral traditions of Arkenthand. Each village has a wise woman who speaks for the village and simultaneously serves as the village’s arbitrator of disputes, loremaster, herbalist, and arcanist.

Since these native peoples live simply, they rarely have any vendors that sell to others. If they have goods to offer, they are far more interested in bartering for them. However, if you are a foreigner, you might not even get a glimpse of their village before a bow is pointed at you, and a gruff voice tells you to turn around.

Notable Citizens:

Nibani – Wise Woman of Aggraka. She is well-known throughout the wild northern lands, and is unofficially the figurehead of the native Arkenian people. Natives will travel from other villages just to seek her wisdom, or her just arbitration of a dispute. She is old but wily, with wrinkled skin and piercing, knowing eyes. No one can match her in knowledge of Arkenian lore, and she also is an expert herbalist and soothsayer. Nibani is both harsh and kind, venerable and naive, old and young. Her long, wiry hair is pure white, with tribal wraps and ties hanging from their tired strands. She wears loose robes and dresses and a multitude of beaded necklaces hang from her neck. Her fingers clack with wooden rings and trinkets.

The Tribal Villages

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