Ghordo - Blacksmith

Ghordo is one of the only half-orcs on Arkenthand, but proves himself to the natives with his fine weapons and armor. In order to sell more easily to the natives, he has taken a young Arkenian apprentice named Tiffa, a very dedicated young girl who surprisingly loves the work. Tiffa is considered an oddball by her friends, but she and Ghordo are very close. Ghordo wears simple clothing and a blacksmith’s apron. He is quick-witted and confident, and doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do.

Repair Weapon/Armor: To repair a weapon: 5gp per damage die (ex. d6 = 30gp), to repair a piece of armor: 5gp per point of AC. Additional charges may apply for severely damaged items.
Apply Armor Spikes: 50gp per armor piece.
Apply Shield Spikes: 10gp


Dagger: 2gp
Light Mace: 5gp
Heavy Mace: 12gp
Sickle: 6gp
Shortspear: 1gp
Longspear: 5gp
Halberd: 10gp
Handaxe: 6gp
Throwing Axe: 8gp
Battleaxe: 10gp
Greataxe: 20gp
Light Pick: 4gp
Heavy Pick: 8gp
Shortsword: 10gp
Longsword: 15gp
Rapier: 20gp
Scimitar: 15gp
Bastard Sword: 35gp
Warhammer: 12gp
Light Crossbow: 35gp
Shortbow: 30gp
Longbow: 75gp

Padded Cuirass: 5pg
Padded Gloves: 2gp
Leather Cuirass: 10gp
Leather Gloves: 5gp
Leather Boots: 7gp
Studded Leather Cuirass: 25gp
Chain Shirt: 100gp
Scale Mail Cuirass: 50gp
Scale Mail Gloves: 25gp
Scale Mail Boots: 30gp
Breastplate: 200gp
Plate Gloves: 100gp
Plate Bootes: 125gp
Halfplate Suit: 600gp
Fullplate Suit: 1,500gp

Buckler: 5gp
Light Wooden Shield: 3gp
Heavy Wooden Shield: 7gp
Light Steel Shield: 9gp
Heavy Steel Shield: 20gp
Tower Shield: 30gp

Ghordo - Blacksmith

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