Neflo - Innkeeper

As the innkeeper of the Silver Schooner Inn, Neflo is one of the most popular Arkenians in the city. He is good-humored and amicable, and knows almost everyone on a first-name basis.

Room & Board: 10gp per night

Fresh Bread – 1gp
Sanctuary Stew – 2gp
A steaming bowl of stew with vegetables and fish caught in Sanctuary Bay, the harbor which Serraglia sits upon.
Leg of Lamb – 3gp
The Big Rib – 5gp
A single rib which takes up an entire plate. Carved from the body of one of the huge wild aurochs which roam the Wild Steppes to the north.

Serragli-Ale – 1gp
A local brew using hornberry and whiteleaf. It is pale in color and has a strong herbal flavor which is beloved by the locals.
Southland Honey Ale – 2pg
Brewed in the rolling hills of southern Arkenthand, the Southland Honey Ale is a sweet, brown-colored brew made with honey and spices.
Gorn’s Grog – 3gp
A strong, dark ale brewed by the big, burly cook who works in the back… Gorn doesn’t speak. Gorn doesn’t know math. But Gorn drinks, and Gorn is big, and needs strong drinks. His famous grog is not for the faint of heart.
Wine – 4gp
Brandy – 5gp

Neflo - Innkeeper

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