Jahn - Outfitter

Jahn is a hardy, experienced traveler and now uses his expertise to run a shop near the gate that leads out of town. His shop is stocked with every sort of item one would need on the road, and anything needed for survival in the wilderness. Jahn is not an Arkenian but has been to every corner of Arkenthand and even every corner of Laria itself. He has unruly brown hair and a rough, calloused appearance, but is good-natured, helpful, and very knowledgeable.

Survival Gear:
Backpack – 2gp
Barrel – 2gp
Basket – 1gp
Bedroll – 1gp
Blanket, winter – 1gp
Fishing pole – 4gp
Fishing Hook – 1gp
Live Bait – 1gp
Fishing Net – 4gp
Caltrops – 1gp
Candle – 1gp
Canvas (sq. yard) – 1gp
Crowbar – 2gp
Firewood (per day) – 1gp
Flask (empty) – 1gp
Flint & Steel – 1gp
Grappling Hook – 1gp
Hammer – 1gp
Ladder, 10ft – 2gp
Lamp, common – 1gp
Lantern, bullseye – 12gp
Lantern, hooded – 7gp
Lock, simple, – 20gp
Lock, average – 40gp
Mug/tankard, clay – 1gp
Oil (1-pint flask) – 1gp
Pick, miner’s – 3gp
Pitcher, clay – 1gp
Piton – 1gp
Pole, 10ft – 1gp
Pot, iron – 1gp
Pouch, blet (empty) – 1gp
Rations, trail (per day) – 1gp
Rope, hemp (50ft) – 1gp
Rope, silk (50ft) – 10gp
Sack (empty) – 1gp
Shovel/spade – 2gp
Signal Whistle – 1gp
Sledge – 1gp
Soap – 1gp
Tent – 10gp
Torch – 1gp
Waterskin – 1gp
Whetstone – 1gp

Cold Weather Outfit – 8gp
Explorer’s Outfit – 10gp
Traveler’s Outift – 1gp

Special Kits:
Climber’s Kit – 80gp
Healer’s Kit – 50gp

Alchemical Items:
Antitoxin – 50gp
Sunrod – 2gp
Tindertwig – 1gp

Jahn - Outfitter

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